Eva & The City

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7 months..

whooosssshh..that's how time passes by when u are busy and happy;) 7 months passed without the slightest realisation. so many things have changed..yet some remained. almost half a yr with my latest bloke, a new job at an IT firm, made new friends, changed my wardrobe, added many more shoes to my collection..a whole long list that i could go on and on.....

however..some things will forever be etched in your memory.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


woah..what a nite;) started out just like any other wed nite..working and all...
then one of my pretty cust decided to kidnapped me to Zeta Bar in Hilton Hotel..ahaha..
i agreed to go..since is my first....and my boss was really nice..let me out 1 half hours early from work to go partying..ahaha...of course i'm supposedly out with cust to network and be a good Business Exec lar..hahaha.

well..anyway..Hilton really brought back some memories..remembered being there for a wedding. it was a beautiful wedding. but what was more beautiful was the fact that i was there with someone i love watching the union between a happy couple. i remembered watchin world cup too at the lounge after the wedding..it was all so lovely..i even have a poloroid shot kept in my purse to remind me of that nite.

oh well..things are different tonite. out with a bunch of happenin, sassy ladies..havin some drinks and dance together. it was nice. but would have been so much better if i had that special someone to dance with.

Friday, December 08, 2006

the return

wow..is been awhile...3 mths me thinks...but it felt like the longest 3 mths ever. i was way down, down, down in the dumps since the break up with A. could not bring myself to do anything i love. in these 3 mths, i can't help but replay that sad nite in my mind..looking back at photos, letters, gifts and all the sweet memories... tears shed..the sleepless nites...finding means and ways to meet up with A..thinking of him til it nearly drove me crazy...going out til late nites...working to escape the pain...doing things i would never have done...all in the name of love, so it seems. so..today..after some sanity has returned, i questioned myself: was it all worth it? and the answer, of course, is a big capital NO. yes..no doubt heartbreaks need moaning, crying, male bashing, self bashing time..but u've to know when to get out of it..if not..u'll just drown in ur own misery. there's just too much good stuff in life to miss out on. i must say that i've learnt some valuable and priceless things from this relationship and from the break up...though the price paid was huge..hopefully it'll help me in my next relationship. although i'm still on the road to recovery, time will definitely mend this broken heart.

and for the last time....for i'll say this no more.." thanks for the 1yr and 8mths, A. though we had our ups and downs, i'll choose to remember only the beautiful memories. i've never loved a man the way that i've loved u. but i guess is fate that we ended up this way. we could have been great together. "

there...that's the ending of another chapter of my life. but a start of a new one;)

*as they say..smile..because u never know who is falling in love with your smile*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Should i?

Should i wash clean the clothes that have been wetted by the tears?
Should i dry off the memories under the sunlight?
Fold up the sadness?
And go out with happiness?
Should i?

Saturday, August 26, 2006


sorry for not writing lately. guess what? i forgot my username and i didn't know how to retrieve both my username and password til just now! ok..go ahead and laugh. i'm that IT challenged.

however, it must be a 4am thingy..suddenly found a way out after weeks of wondering how i can blog again.

ahha..i know the next question..what am i doing blogging at such an unearthly hour? well..basically..i just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. i can't understand. i hardly have insomnia. this is one of the rare occasions where i feel totally fresh and wide awake. hmm.. is it the overly heavy dinner i had yesterday?

sigh..my mum's making noise. ask me to go back to sleep. damn wireless prob. if not can use the laptop.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

break up? make up?

just came back from the movies;) watched "break up" starring jennifer aniston & vince vaughn with an ex. ironic? i know;)

the movie gave me the shivers..and no..it aint some horror flick..on the contrary, it was a romantic comedy (which surprisingly was more sad than funny). what left me chilly was that i can totally relate to jennifer in that movie. some of the things she said were exactly the things ive said before and the way she felt..i swear i felt the same way too sometimes.

the ending was kinda unexpected. i thought it would be a fairytale ending where the guy and gal make up and all will be bright and sunny again (which usually happens in chick flicks). well, it was bright and sunny at the end but the couple didn't get back together. they bumped into each other after some time, talk, made small jokes, smiled, agreed to meet up sometime and parted.

just a thought: is it really over when a couple break up? is there a chance to make up again in the future? will it work out?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

a new beginning

lemme guess..u must be thinking "oh no..not another bimbo-pink blog!"..sorry guys..just gotta live with it..pink is still my fav;)

yup..as u can guess..i've been watching too much "sex and the city" which inspires me to create this new blog=) sarah jessica parker has got herself a new die-hard fan!=P

the other reason why i decided to move here is because i like new things..haha. i can't stick with something for too long..and there were loads of memories there..both bittersweet. felt it was time to close that chapter of my life..and start a new one^_^

so..stay tune and be entertained by this city girl's antics;)